my wheel of time cast

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Should the WoT adaptation ever be made, (and I'm not quite sure I even want it to), this list is a guidebook for the LOOK each character should have. 

I tried my very best to match everybody on: facial structure, height, coloring, body type and age. THAT SAID, not everybody is perfect. Very often the actors are too old for the character I've chosen for them to portray - mainly because it's a lot harder to find a diverse pool of younger talent online, and ideally the younger cast members (as well as many of the older) would be unknowns. 

ADDITIONALLY - Hair and eye color are things VERY easily altered. So use your imagination if somebody doesn't have the red hair or green eyes they're described as having. 

I haven't seen a lot of these people act. I don't know if they all can. But they have the right face, so they're here. Again. This is a guide for the look of the cast. Obviously talent would be important if this adaptation ever really got made.