my wheel of time cast

Rhuarc - Liam Neeson

Bair - Vanessa Redgrave

Couladin - Domhnall Gleeson

Amys - Emma Thompson 

Aviendha - Amanda Righetti


google her if you're not convinced

Sorilea - Phyllis Somerville

Bael - Viggo Mortensen

I know he's not tall enough. But his face is very Bael to me. Plus, he can do red hair. 

Melaine - Rachel Lefevre

Gaul - Paul Bettany 

Chiad - Piper Perabo

Bain - Laura Prepon

Sulin - Swoosie Kurtz

Just give her some white hair and a tan 

Enaila - Anna Friel

Melindhra - Amber Heard

Sevanna - Amanda Seyfried

Therava - Kari Matchett