my wheel of time cast

Rahvin - Rick Fox

Demandred - Richard Armitage

Asmodean - David Tennant 

Lanfear - Monica Bellucci

She is perfect. Too old now, probably, but as I said. This list is a guideline for the general feeling/look of the cast.  

Graendal - Carla Gugino

She's super curvy, looks great with a few more pounds on her, and she can actually pull off the red/gold hair.  

Semirhage - Christine Adams

Cast her purely from her character in Pushing Daisies. (She's a dog trainer. And scary.) 

Moridin - Misha Collins

Moghedien - Thandie Newton

Mesaana - Olivia Wilde

Cyndane - Clémence Poésy 

Sammael - Simon Baker